Sunday, November 22, 2009

Using the Microlite20 Rules

Tonight, Thomas and I created two new characters; a lizardman ranger for me and a half-orc paladin for Thomas.  The lizardman wears hide armor and carries three javelins, a net, and a great club.  The paladin wears scale mail and wields a great axe.  We created these PCs to add to the two we created last night (human fighter and an elven druid).  Character creation was a snap.  Easy to create and customize.  The longest amount of time was spent on picking weapons and equipment.
After creating the character, we played a brief encounter in a ruined temple.  We had to jump across a small ditch filled with bracken water.  Two of the PCs failed to do this and spent time getting out of the muck.  We were ambushed by an evil cleric, two cultist minions, and two shambling zombies.
Altogether, with character creation and this encounter, we probably played less than one hour.  I said, LESS THAN ONE HOUR!  As much as I love the details that DnD offers, I find that the fun of the adventure more than makes up for some of the "crunchiness" (details and intricate rules) that we give up.  I had the rules on a laptop and did look at some of them occasionally, but play did not bog down to a crawl and we could concentrate on the pure joy of hack and slash.  This means even more time for roleplay as well.
Sure, I feel that m20 rules (microlite20) can easily be min-maxed by a player wishing to do so.  My response to this is...who cares?  If I can make a character and roleplay that character to the best of my ability (with all his gifts and faults) then I am happy.  Right now I don't mind if one class has advantages over another.  Thomas and I talked about the half-orc paladin and his background story.  But play does not have to suffer.  I think that is what drives me towards Fudge or Heroquest.  I want more of the "kick the door in" playing without reaching for the rulebook every blasted time I'm unsure of the outcome.  Regardless, we had fun playing and will continue to try out these rules.  The rules really feel like the old DnD game to me.  I'm talking about the red and blue rulebooks before I got AD&D 1st edition.

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