Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving Day Goblins

I spent some vacation time play testing the Microlite20 rules with Thomas and his cousins.  I found the rules led to greater freedom to just “run” with the adventure.  I was at times tempted to dig into rule books for help adjudicating, but decided against.  Reason being I really had no big rule book.  Microlite20 rulebooks are about 5 pages long for the pocketmod edition.  Also, I recently purchased the HeroQuest 2nd edition rules.  I haven't had much time to read through it, but it also describe points in the adventure where the Gm needs to ask himself if this would go towards progressing the plot in an enjoyable way for all.  Case in point, one player was playing the human ranger.  We encountered a pack of wild dogs in the forest.  The ranger had a couple options (presented by the DM).  He could try to use his ranger skills to befriend the dogs or attack them with his longbow.  He chose the former and I had him roll a d20.  It was a great roll and I decided that one of the wild dogs became friendly with the ranger and followed the ranger for the rest of the adventure.  The dog was even there to help defend the ranger against a harpy attack later on.
This last weekend, we encountered assassin vines, a giant troll, bandits, harpies, an elven hunting party, and even a barbed devil.  The rules (light as they were) were very enjoyable to play and at no time did I feel unfamiliar with the rules or mechanics.  It felt like old school D&D.  Best part about it was more fun—less down time!