Saturday, November 21, 2009

Rules Lawyers Unite! No...actually...piss off!

DMs hate rules lawyers.  Want to know why?  Because they are right most of the time.  Also, they take the game to a whole new level of tedium.

I found this on gnomestew
Rules Lawyer--A player who knows the rules extremely well, and prefers to stick to them very closesly. Often, rules lawyers use their extensive knowledge of the rules to exploit loopholes that favor their characters. Rules lawyers are often power gamers
So, I guess we've all been there before, huh?  Question I have for you is this, when have you personally had the most pure enjoyment out of any rpg you have played?  I'd have to say, for me, is those times when something really funny, and unexpected happens to the pcs...especially my own.  Like when Fr. Cadwyr got an axe to the cranium from a certain dwarve who shall remain nameless...(the little bastard...).  And who can forget the failed rolls and howls of laughter from the players so called friends...again I mention the dwarf who was attempting an amorous meeting with a young barmaid of formidable stature...this is what makes the roleplaying worthwhile.