Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tools for the Cheapskate DM ~~ DIY Binder Clip DM Tools

Disclaimer--I have researched the internet for something like this, but have yet to find anything exactly like it. I can honestly say, that this is an original thought for me. It felt like a brainstorm at the time...so I hope it will be useful to you. This will either seem like a great idea or hmmmm....been there done that...
So here it is, for what it's worth.

DIY Binder Clip DM Tools.

Here's the situation. I've often wanted to incorporate images the players can view while the game is in session. If your game table is like mine, space is scarce being filled up with notes, figures, dice, more dice, rulebooks, DM binder, DM screen, oh and more dice. I've seen DMs place post it notes along the top of their screen and I thought that I could improve this a little. Let's say, I have a cool image of an enchanted forest (maybe download from National Geographic's website) and I want to display it to help set the atmosphere when the players enter the forest. I can use binder clips to make this happen.

Another use for this would be to display a coat of arms whenever the PCs enter certain noble's territory or maybe the file card can have a picture of the orc clan's totem to declare to the PCs that this is the tribal lands of the Broken Bone clan.

Here's what I've done.

You will need: two binder clips (small ones work great), one paperclip, and one filecard.

Step 1: Put the binder clips back-to-back.
Step 2: Place the paperclip between the two binder clips, holding them together.

Step 3: Fold up one binder clip's metal arms (but leave the other down).

Step 4: Yes, this may be a painful one (especially if you have a brand new Labyrinth Lord DM Screen!) but dm screens are meant to be used. Clip this creation to the top of your dm screen making sure one set of binder clip arms are sticking up.

Step 5: Place file cards, photos, etc. in the clip arms. It should keep the file card secure and allow your players to view the object without getting in your way.

That's it! Love it or hate it, maybe you can use it for your game!

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enjoy!  ~jcftao