Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Illunari

In the world of Pendria, the Illunari are set apart from other humans. They are unique among all humans in that each of the Illunari has fey blood to a greater or lesser degree. This elven ancestry sometimes exhibits itself through innate magical powers. All Illunari have an ingrained ability to discern the flow and energy of magic, but a few of this race have an ability which is a discernable magical talent. The talent takes form in one area. It could mean that a particular Illunari could conjure fire or perhaps communicate with a specific species of animal. The kind of talent found is not predictable nor is it hereditary.

The Illunari are the original people of the Pendria, the Lost Kingdom.

The Illunari are tall, fine featured humans with silver hair and green or hazel eyes.

Areas of magical talent include:
  • Earth (earth based spells)
  • Air (air based spells)
  • Fire (fire based spells)
  • Water (water based spells)
  • The Spirit World (communication with animals, nature, ghosts)
[Game Mechanics] 
The magical talent could be limited to one particular spell or specific effect. For example, the ability to conjure fire. The talent grows in power as the Illunari gains levels. A Illunari PC would have an innate magical ability at 1st level. Then the ability grows in power when reaching levels divisible by 4 (4th, 8th, 12th, 16th, and 20th levels.)

Minor uses of the magical talent will not tire the users and could be performed at will. Any use of the talent at a level of power similar to a 1st level spell or greater will require the user to rest immediately afterwards or be considered fatigued [as per the LL Rulebook, the subject will...suffer a penalty of -1 to hit and damage rolls until they have rested for 1 turn.] The number of times per day that magical talent can be used in this manner is equal to 1 + the Constitution modifier.

Extra effort may be attempt to boost the power of a magical talent. This will increase the power one level greater than normal (example, a 4th level Illunari really wants to increase his fire conjuring talent to help his friends in a battle. He may exert himself and temporarily have the magical ability that an 8th level Illunari can wield.) Doing this has a price. The Illunari must immediately make a Constitution check and succeed. If he fails, he falls to the ground unconscious for 1 turn. If he succeeds, his power is increased temporarily for the duration of the encounter, and he is considered fatigued. 

[I'll revisit this and add more details on power levels]